Christmas Fashions

No Emma, not that type of "fashion". 

This is Christmas (Cracker) Fashions

Mmmmm mmmm

Mmmmm mmmm

Mmmmm mmmm

Mmmmmm mmmm

Mmmmm mmmm mmmm

These stockings can always be worn stand-alone !!!

Pretty in Pink .... .....

It always works....we know that....

A Christmas Cracker with a black corset...

Very different and suits black boots .....

After all that red and pink.......

Let's have some more of the Black....

It's always in fashion...

This is what all the girls should have in their wardrobe, there's nothing better than kisses under the mistletoe....!!!

And last, but not least ..... 

add some height... and a little gentle restraint!


Bruno - the traveling boobies-bear - A bear's view, or "all the breast to the babes"

A simple small-bear's life ......
Spying out "The City on the Bay" or San Francisco from Sausalito.... This one is a trrrravelin Bear..

Or on the beach in Barbados...
"...wherever there's women and drink....
some sea, sun and sand"
........that's what he says.
Mmmm Cristina and Maryann

Susette below...

Susette at work ... well hugging Bruno
"Where's the party? Here it's with Cristina and Maryam in Luanda....

The Ferrari Bear is checking out the boobies !!! Very nice!"

"You're never alone with a "dirty martini" ... the friends will come out of the wood-work."

"Here's a friend ... Catherine."

"She likes dirty-martinis..... Mmmmmm"
Catherine likes to drink

"She's my friend, and I think she has a boat"

"She's lovely, and she carries me in her luggage"

"I meet a lot of Peter's friends as well... a lot of them work in bars"
"Most are girls ... some are boys.... but wow, there's a lot of Indians ... very nice looking"

"We go into the Cane Fields sometimes ... don't know why"
"Peter likes to drink... more than Catherine"
D'Arcy and Herman at work.. well fooling around really
"I go to a lot of strange places with Peter... but I meet lots of different people. Mostly women and barmen"
"Or his tipsy friends at parties"

"I'll also go to formal events, if there's booze... and girls"

"And I go to social events" ..."If there's drinks there"

"I like to have a 'small' party, especially if there are two girls...that's quadro-booby-bear-party !!!"
"Alone on the  beach in Bahamas... least the beers come in pairs"
"I see the sea"

"Golden Gate Bridge"
"Or the straight from Gozo to Malta"

"These are my friends Tony and Vanessa"

The story will continue ..........


Sadie - The God-Daughter - Issue 1

Sadie has been coming to Gozo for about 20 years now.
Sometimes her mum & dad (Ian & Sue), and sometimes to stay with me.
She's my Goddaughter.
And I love her.

I've been buying her diamonds, ever since she reminded me that I'd promised her some ear-rings (in a tipsy Glasgow moment).

But she has other friends in Gozo - here at Tony & Vanessa's place -- Five "Charlie's Angels" : Vanessa, Nicole, Jody, Lucy, and Sade.

My God-Daughter:

She is : Beautiful, Intelligent, Joyful, and Thoughtful.

We'd chill out over some fine food and wines; like this quiet moment in Gozo's "Maji's".

Sade brought a lot of beautiful babes to stay with me over the years.
A cornucopia of pulchritude ....

Bruno enticed the lovely Nicole.
When we're just chilling & drinking - he seemed to steal their hearts away.

Tony "Marzu" with Lucy and Sade.

For many years, the girls were always guests at my apartment.

What fun we always had -- even when not "partying" ...

I think that I must just have come back from Barbados !

The view from the Grand Hotel (after lunch) and on our way to tease the men in the Gleneagles bar at the harbour.

Beautiful sisters Jody & Sadie -- out with Uncle Peter -- at the Grand hotel in Gozo ---

This was pretty standard fare for the last 15 years !

There are eight old open-mouthed fishermen behind me, when the girls are posing for the photo :

"Pete ??:
How do you fellate a 'Romeo y Julieta' Churchill cigar??"

Sadie got serious, and accepted John's marriage proposal.

Venue for the love-contract : Aintree racecourse - December 2008.

OK John :

But look at her - she's smart & gorgeous!

Lucky man !!!...

The happy couple, looking pensive.

Who's that fella with a squeeze-bag?

There was plenty of eye-candy surrounding the happy couple.

The "Made-in-China" dresses were stunning, and the fur capes came without rabbit's feet.

Of course Sade had the last word at her Aintree wedding.

This was the last in a series of very funny speeches.

But unlike the best-man and father-of-the-bride: she looked stunning.

Ian looked very happy for a man that's spent £15k at Aintree, and never even had a bet!

Here's Jeannie, plus the "Grech's" and "Campbell's" at the wedding feast.

We stayed up late, on that that joyful, cold, clear December night.
This was the last time ever, that Jeannie and myself were out together.

I went back to work in Chad, two days later.
Only to return to Jean's death-bed, within three weeks, on January 9th.

BUT - We were both so glad to have been at Sade's wedding.

2 1/2 years on:
Sade, was now seven months pregnant.

I threw a party for her and friends on June 4th 2011, at my place in Gozo.

Magnums of Pol Roger were the hit of the day.
Sade only had a little sip!

Sade became a new mummy 26th of August 2011.

I visited them ten days later, and Sadie showed off the tiny new baby Brett.... 10 lbs when born.

Looking beautiful as always - learning & enjoying all the new schedules and experiences... with her normal beautiful beatitude !!!

Auntie Lucy shows her bossom-cuddle technique.

Here's young Brett Adshead-Hines at ten days old. Born on the 16th August -10 lbs in weight.

I've not yet held him --- I think I'll wait until he's big enough to bounce.


Down at the gym

I went to the gym.

Four or five years ago.

It was all a bit sweaty for me......

But oh, how things have changed ....

Now we have naked ladies down there. ...."working out"

But I preferred watching the girls next-door in the Posture Improvement classes.

I could watch this for a long time ..... and work up a sweat of another kind.